Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's a Special Day...

Because today is Patti's birthday!

Oh blog-o-sphere, join me in wishing Our Dear Patti a truly spectacular day! Happy birthday, kid. I'm so thankful to have wonderful you in my life. You have many great friend qualities, but here on our reading blog I must admit, what would I read without you?

No Jasper Fforde, no Garth Nix, NO MEGAN MCCAFFERTY, no Megan Whelan Turner, no Patrick Ness, no Philip Reeve, no Kathleen Duey and pretty much every non-contemporary girl fic that I pick up. You went to ALA this year and mailed me books. You are so thoughtful! It's so much fun to read when I know that I can talk about it with you.

Happy birthday, Patti! Enjoy your day!

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Patti said...

Thanks Joanna! Must say, had a pretty great day and this makes it even better!