Monday, August 8, 2011

Weetzie Prequel!

I want I want I want. I read Weetzie Bat as a freshman in college after reading a blurb about it in Sassy Magazine. I went to the local bookstore and bought it with my meager college freshman funds. It was love from the first sentence. Witch Baby was my girl.

In 2003 she came out with the grown-up Weetize novel Necklace of Kisses which, now as a married woman myself, I also loved.

This morning Twitter had a little nugget of awesome by way of Francesca's tweet mentioning gallies of a prequel. A young teen Weetzie in Pink Smog.

AND IT GETS BETTER. According to Harper Teen, the book comes out ON MY BIRTHDAY. Just like Meg Rosoff's  There is No Dog.

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