Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jellaby by Kean Soo

I dare you not to be charmed by this graphic novel. Originally published as an online comic, Hyperion Books for Children acquired Jellaby for a 2 volume set for ages 10 and up. Produced primarily with dreamy shades of purple and black, a little deep pink peeks in on Jellaby & Portia, and Jason’s shirt receives some gold and green treatment. But that is it for color.

Portia and Jason are both 10, though the story is primarily Portia’s. Jellaby is the purple (lovable) monster that Portia discovers in her back yard one night after having a very unusual dream. Jason is in Portia’s class at school and both garner the esteemed status as outsiders. Portia has never made friends at the new school (and seeing that her book report is on “Reason and Emotion: Classical and Romantic Philosophies in Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia” it is any wonder), but Jason is the subject of bullying. (Jason who loves carrots –like the author- and wants to change Jellaby’s name to Fangzilla.) Together the kids try to help Jellaby find his way back home, wherever that may be. Add to this the mysterious circumstances of Portia’s father’s disappearance and the mysteries increase. I can’t wait for volume 2.

Archive of Jellaby to read online

Article from Newsarama on Kean Soo


Patti said...

Jellaby is the CUTEST thing ever.

Jenn H. said...

This is such a great book! I love how Portia's pajamas match Jellaby. And how much he loves that little pony!