Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tomo: I Was an Eighth-Grade Ninja

Okay, so the title got me…and then the cover, because our eighth-grade ninja is 13-year-old Hana. Yeah! Hana’s mother “was killed in an accident” and she is sent from Japan to San Francisco to live with a grandfather she’s never met. As she adjusts to American life (and the trials of pre-teen girl friendshipdom), the place she feels most at home is in her grandfather’s dojo practicing her karate*.

A second story weaves into Hana’s contemporary one. This story involves beasts who are searching for an ancient sword. They find a portal that links to Hana’s San Francisco and follow it through. Turns out Grandpa has a few secrets and Hana’s double life as a ninja begins.

This is an all ages, manga-styled comic. It will appeal to mid-elementary aged kids who don’t mind a saccharine-sweet story mixed in with some fantasy and martial arts. I was really confused at first when Hana went to church and a pastor seemed to be an important character. Turns out, this GN is produced by a Christian company. So far the religion is very low-key and could even pass over the heads of kids. The theme in volume 1 is making good choices and being a good friend. Amen to that.

*Honestly, these days I cannot think of karate w/o thinking of SpongeBob and Sandy.


Patti said...
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Patti said...

Oh yay, I'm glad its pretty good. I wanted to get some gn variety and ordered some Christian ones not knowing how they'd be. I'm curious about the Manga Bibles too.

Tomo said...

So it's a bit low key on the Christianity factor?

I was actually working on a book review of manga and Christian themes... I was thinking about using this book for part of the article... mostly out of the novelty that my name is on the cover.

joanna said...

I haven't read the 2 other volumes my library also has. But yes, low key on the Christianity factor in volume 1.