Monday, March 17, 2008

Pink Slip by Rita Ciresi

My reading funk is subsiding. Part of it is the sheer necessity of having to catch up on reading for TLA, and the other part is re-reading books I love to remind me that I do like to read. So kind of out of the blue, I’m going to write about an author I love, who is *gasp!* not a YA author.

Years ago my girlfriend Sara gave me a copy of Pink Slip after the author gave a reading at the Borders store she managed. Sara is also an Italian Goddess-in-Waiting so it was a great book for her to share with me. The story is set in the 80’s, which automatically equals funny in my book. Lisa, our 25 year old heroine, quits her publishing job in NYC and moves to a picturesque suburban town where she is rather out of her element as a loud mouth, bullshit detecting, city girl. Not to mention one of the few people around who has a non-waspy name. (And one of the several points where I go, “Uh huh. Tell me about it.”) Lisa plans to use her job as an editor at a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company as fodder for her Great American Novel on Corporate America. Falling for her boss - not part of the plan. I love this book. LOVE THIS BOOK. There’s a sequel, which I’m rereading now as well. I don’t find it as sharp as Pink Slip, but it is completely satisfying in that “what happens next” kind of way.


Kerry said...

Too funny. I read this years ago as well and loved it. :)

joanna said...

Right on, Kerry!