Sunday, March 23, 2008

Re-Gifters by Mike Carey

I heard about this GN a few months back and have really enjoyed the other Minx comics I have read, so when I saw Re-Gifters at the Central library on my last weekend shift, I snatched it up. I just love the cover-it really connects to the story and I like how Dixie is attached like a gift tag!

Dik Seuong Jen, Dixie to her friends, is a Korean American teenager who practices hapkido as a way to connect to her culture and just because it is fun. When her crush for a fellow student begins to throw off her game, she might not make it into the national tournament, which is being hosted in her South Central L. A. neighborhood this year. Especially after she spends her entry fee on a not-so-well-received gift for her crush, Adam. Through the many plot twists, Dixie discovers who her friends really are and that love can come in unexpected packages!

Heads up to all you librarians! The street competition for the tournament happens in a library. How cool is that!

Anyway, it's a great story that manages to be very multicultural without cramming it down your throat or being too sappy. Dixie is likable, but not flawless and the side characters are just as interesting as the main ones. Next Minx title on my to read list: Good as Lily.

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Anonymous said...

I'm excited about the Minx line, too, but in case you're curious, apparently there's some sloppy research in "re-gifters"--