Monday, May 23, 2011

The Dreaming Collection by Queenie Chan

Two teenage twin sisters get accepted to an exclusive private boarding school. Of course, it turns out they're not at just any ordinary boarding school. This one is located in the remote Australian bushlands (you should see the drawing. It is acceptably ominous). And not only is it remote, but students have been going missing since the 1920s. The first batch disappeared in a group of 12 and then another girl disappears which makes 11 (OMG who will be the 12th?). Cue scary music.

This was a super fun read. Sort of brainless. But with some really nice touches. There are these super freaky paintings hanging all around the school that no one really notices (like, hello, they're chasing a girl into the woods. With knives. And there is that faceless girl. In. Every. Single. One.) Anyhoo, those paintings are awesome. I wish there had been more of them.

The characters were a little slow on the uptake for my taste. I couldn't help but think they could have solved the mystery a little faster if they had, you know, thought about it for more than two seconds at a time (or read the damn book on the paintings that they had the entire time). The ending was a little weak. I would have liked it a lot more had it ended like a horror movie with a sequel on the way (like if on the last page...there was a new painting...only this time with an ax!)

Regardless there was more than enough atmosphere and drama for me. I read it in one sitting and had a great time burning through it.

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Jenn H. said...

I think there was supposed to be more to the story, but Tokyopop was notorious for treating its English writers badly. My guess is that the story was never completed.

Patti said...

Well that's interesting to know. Thanks Jenn!

Visit Site said...

Love The Dreaming Collection mega comic book! It is bigger than I thought.....all 3 books in one.....but with me, it makes it all the better because I don't have to worry about loosing one of the books.