Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Knocking out my Alex Award Reading

Book seven and eight on my quest to read all the 2011 Alex Awards.

I apologize in advance for doing some lame double post of two books without actually saying anything interesting about them. I just don't have the energy to actually do any reviews and have to actually, like, think about what I want to write. Seems like too much work at the moment

But, dang it, I still want credit for reading them!

They were both fantastic. It was interesting reading them back to back. They both have the theme of alienation in them, but how the main characters deal with their circumstances couldn't be more different.

I am really glad that I decided to try to read all the Alex Awards this year. I'm really impressed by the list. Only two more to go!

Book Source = Library Copies

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Madigan McGillicuddy said...

The Alex awards fascinate me. I'm always tempted to read them, but most of my reading focus is teens and middle-grade, so I usually draw the line at reviewing things that were "officially" published for adults.

Kudos to you for attempting them all, though!

Patti said...

Thanks! Really they're sort of like teen books since they all have teen protagonists anyway.